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Giles Corey - Spectral Bride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Giles Corey - Spectral Bride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spectral Bride
Giles Corey
                             Giles Corey - Spectral Bride
Tabbed by: Trelt

Tuning: EADGBE (Standard)

This may or may not be completely correct. Its at least mostly correct.
F, A, Bb, and C are just F, A, Bb, and C chords but in different places on the 
guitar for either better sound or just for ease of playing


F       1-3-3-X-X-X
F    X-8-10-10-X-X
Bb      X-1-3-3-X-X
A       X-0-2-2-X-X
A    5-3-3-X-X-X
Bb     6-8-8-X-X-X
G       3-5-5-X-X-X
C       X-3-2-0-X-X
C    X-3-5-5-X-X
D       X-5-7-7-X-X




Angles singing in a choir

Bb             A        G
oh, my lord, I am on fire

G            F    G   F 
what am I to do

voices singing into space

Bb                 A           G
read their verse in my lonely face

G            F   G   F
what am I to do

F               D
because I don't deserve you

D               F
not even for a moment

F               A                 G
not even for a second will I ever be saved

my love's out to get me

and you know

you know

G                        F
you know it's going to succeed

      Bb                           C
and I hope I survive this fucking week

    F   G   F

======Instrumental section======

F  D  C  Bb  F

F  D  C  Bb  F


and if I don't survive

              Bb D    C
I'll still be by your side

just clad in ghostly white

             Bb  D    C
I'll be your spectral bride

Bride, bride, bride, bride, bride, bride
Добавлено: 12.05.2012
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