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Gigolo Aunts - Kinda Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Gigolo Aunts - Kinda Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Kinda Girl
Gigolo Aunts
From: Bill McGuinness 
Subject: CRD: g/gigolo_aunts/kinda_girl.crd

Song:  Kinda Girl
Written By:  Jules Shear, Dave Gibbs, Steve Hurley
Band:  Gigolo Aunts
Album: Learn to Play Guitar (1997 Wicked Disc WIC 1007)
Submitted by: Bill McGuinness (


Verses can be played barred or open (barred is probably better).
Into should be barred.  Bridge should be open Am and Em.

EbMaj9(VI) -- 6  6  8  8  6  6
F/E        -- X  7 10 10 10  X
F/E        -- 0  3  3  2  1  1

========================== Kinda Girl ====================================

C(VII) C(VII)  Bb  Ebmaj9(VI)  (Repeat 4x)

Note: Sometimes slide C-Bb-C instead of C C

Verse 1:

[C]She's just the kind of girl who [F]thinks her life's a play
[C]She'll quote the script all night then [F]re-write it all day
[Bb]Just when you [C]start to think you [F]under[F/E]stand the [Dm]plot[C]
She's [Bb]twisting scenes a[Eb]round, and [Ab]getting (actions caught?)


She's a kinda [G]girl  [Ab]
She's a kinda [G]girl  [Ab]
She's a kinda [G]girl
Like a [F]nightmare is a kinda dream

Intro (2x)

Verse 2:
[C]She's like a movie that you [F]stare at late at night
[C]Her lips are moving but the [F]words won't synch up right
[Bb]Just when she [C]screams she can't [F]take a[F/E]nother [Dm]hour [C]
She's [Bb]singing in the [Eb]hallway and [Ab]dancing in the shower



[Am] E[Em]ventuall[F]y.....You'll wake up with a start
[Am] E[Em]ventuall[F]y.....You'll [F]recognize all around
The [G]pieces of the lives she blew apart

Solo (Intro 4x)

[C]She's just the kind of girl who will [F]always keep you thin
[C]You open up your mouth but you [F]won't get a straight word in
She's [Bb]on the phone for [C]hours when you'd [F]rather [F/E]get
   some [Dm]sleep [C]
Then [Bb] pretends she doesn't [Eb]know you when you [Eb]see
   her in the street


Intro (1x)


Intro (2x)

  Bill McGuinness                 e-mail ->
  "I'm the King of Tennessee"     WWW ->
     - Andy Kaufman
Добавлено: 14.07.2012
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