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Ghoti Hook - Shrinky Dinks - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Ghoti Hook - Shrinky Dinks - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Shrinky Dinks
Ghoti Hook
		   Title:Shrinky Dinks
Artist:Ghoti Hook
Sumo Surprise
Words by Joel and Conrad,Music by Joel
Tabbed by Matt Tate

Well,here it is!!!!!!!!!

INTRO:    D B A G (4 times)

                D                B                      G                
VERSE:     Last night I laid in bed and thought about it all
                D                B                      G        A
                What was it that had made us fall
                D              B             G                     A
                I don't regret anything that I said to you
                D                    B                         G         
                The choice we made was something we already knew
                And I'm finding.......
                D                     G
CHORUS:   Yesterday you know will never go away
                         D                   G
                 It's best to leave behind
                              D                  G                       
                 If you want to find yourself some piece of mind
                  D                     G
                 Yesterday was when we were happy
                           D                     G
                 For tomorrow there is hope
                          D                       G             A
                 But today is hard and lonely so it goes

INTRO AGAIN      (4 times)

                 D            B                G                  A
VERSE:      I have to set what I want for us all aside
                    D         B               G      A
                Without that it would be a lie
                 D          B                      G                    A
                I know inside now where I am that this is right
                 D                 B                 G                 A
                From here on out it will be hard I can't deny
                And I'm finding...........


                 Bm                A                                 Bm  
BRIDGE:    And yes I am afraid, of what I can't forsee
                 Will you still be there
                 Bm                     A                               
                 Will you be the same, will those feelings change
                 These thoughts I can not bear

                  D      Bm      G      A     (2 times)

                  D                                        Bm
                 C you stop and think about a time

                 When we were without doubt
                          G                                           A
                 When love was something new and so unknown
                   D                                   Bm
                 Can we call ourselves just friends
                 Cause why should this just have to end
                                   A                                 end
on C
                 And do you know why I must be alone

Well, this is  pretty much it.This is a pretty easy song and I think most
of it 
is right but I am not sure about the intro.If you figure out any
mistakes, email
me because I am only a 15 year old playing on a guitar.Thanks! Have
Добавлено: 28.11.2013
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