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Ghoti Hook - Running Away - таба, видео

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Ghoti Hook - Running Away - таба, видео

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		   Running Away
By Ghoti Hook
>From "Bananaman"
Tabbed by Eric Exley

* means high note

Guitar 1 plays this 4 times:
Then while guitar 1 plays that part another 4 times, guitar 2 plays this
4 times:
DDDD - C# - D - C# - BBBBB - G - F# - G - E

Verse 1:
D           B      G              A                  D                F# 
                   E                 G
You say sorry and walk away and you go to face a problem I can't stand in
your way
D            B                G                A            D            
          F#                   E                  G
You will lose and fall flat on your face And when you do I'll still be
here despite your disgrace

E(pm)                      G(pm) E(pm)                          G(pm)
My hand is here just take it     I'm sick of watching you try to fake it

D                     A                    G                    B        
Running away, running away, running away, oooooooh  (2x)


Verse 2:
D          B       G               A              D                   F# 
                    E                G
Ask me now I know I can help don't walk away ashamed again and beat up
D          B            G           A           D                      
F#                           E                    G
Why pretend that I cannot see I can see your lack of faith and know that
you just don't trust me


Scratchy part: Play the chords and then do a whole bunch of scratching

(BRIDGE) (no palm mute)
Добавлено: 18.08.2013
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