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Ghoti Hook - Just Fools - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Ghoti Hook - Just Fools - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Just Fools
Ghoti Hook
		   Just Fools
Ghoti Hook
Banana Man
Copyright 1997 Tooth & Nail Records
tabbed by Rob Pilkerton (

First lines are played on bass, but for guitar just palm mute.

C                   G
G what's the point to stay away
C                 G
it hurts the same either way
F          A                 G
We'll hang out when you come home
         F             A
and I'll still end up alone
               G             C
But that's the choice I have made
(Crank distortion)
C                 G
Who thought I would end up here
C                  G
in the same place, after all the years
F       A              G           F                  A
I never was this way before, I never wanted something more
          G                F
And now I can't just walk away

C                 A              G                C
Please don't look at me, I can't stand to see you cry
               A                 G           C
it kills me to know that I'm the only reason why
            A                  G          C
Sometimes I want to try and forget what I know
            A               G 
Instead I'm watching myself try to let you go

(palm mute)
C           (open)G
Remember when you said to me
(mute)C        (open)G                            F
one, two, three words and what you'd be
       A               G     F   
Always there so always know
         F            A
that no matter if you go
       G              F
I will still be right here



A               F
Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you're right
      C                 G
or maybe we're just fools caught up in something
A                      F
something that we don't know what to do with
C                       G
Something that we can't handle just yet


As Far as I know, it's all correct, if you have any questions or comments PLEASE mail me at Thanks!  Rob.
Добавлено: 25.06.2013
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