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Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm No Good - текст песни, видео

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Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm No Good - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Amy Winehouse
Авторы текста: Amy Winehouse
(feat. Amy Winehouse) 

[Amy Winehouse:] 
Meet you downstairs, in the bar and heard 
Your rolled up sleeves and your skull T-shirt 
You say, why did you do it with him today? 
And sniff me out like I was tanqueray 

[Ghostface Killah:] 
Yeah, yo, why you acting like you more trouble than Tony Starks and 
You need to just 'walk away' like Kelly Clarkson 
I know, we was fiend to sleep around town 
But I figured you said that, that's how I get down 
Nah of course, you was out there, messing around 
I would of told you, once you go Ghost, you never go back 
Try g'ing me, like I don't know how to mack 
I'm a don, and, top of the line, I stay flying 
Stop trying, to keep cuff analyzing 
Using my credit cards to buy diamonds 
We need to straighten this out, get to the bottom of it all 
Let's crawl, before we start the war 
Begin with two reasons why we need to talk 
And stop popping up in my cribs all over New York 
And, that's stalking, you such trouble and no good 
Them fighting words in my block, when we in the hood 

[Chorus: Amy Winehouse (Ghostface Killah)] 
I cheated myself, like I knew, I would... 
I told you, I was trouble... 
And know, that I'm no good 

[Interlude: Ghostface Killah] [scratched up] 
You had to be a nasty girl and try to play me 
Nasty girl, nasty girl, try to play me 

[Ghostface Killah:] 
Aiyo, I knew you was trouble when I first laid eyes on you 
Temperature's so hot, the heat just rise with you 
Let me ride with you, talk about your mistakes 
You cheated yourself but these are the breaks 
And it never be the same again, cause of old boy 
But oh boy, together we make so much joy 
In the sands and oh, what a wet, wee-wee 
But you played me, so I had to roll up my sleeves and 
Hunt you down, holding the next man's stacks 
Now you sorry, tryin' bring that old thing back and 
Act like we can rekindle that flame 
It's a shame, how you can't get me off the brain 
He that lame, you love how I bring the pain 
Got the rug burns stinging and you saying my name 
Say my name, that's right, I'm high post 
Get the champagne, love, word up, we gon' toast 


[Interlude: Ghostface Killah] [scratched up] 
You had to be nasty girl and try to play me 
Nasty girl, girl... 
You can't leave the kid... can't leave the kid... 
Don't worry, I'ma be around forever, nasty girl... 
Don't forget, I'ma be around forever, nasty... 
Don't forget, I'ma be around forever... 

[Amy Winehouse:] 
Sweet reunion, Jamaica and Spain 
We're like how we we're again 
I'm in the tub, you're on the sink 
Lick your lips, as I soak my feet 

[Ghostface Killah:] 
Yo, get the bath and body works, pumping your spice creams 
Together like Cheech and Chong, we make nice dreams 
Fight scenes, I take the good with the bad 
Cuz you give the best brains that I ever had and 
Anything worth having is hard to keep 
I love you like my coffee so hot and so sweet 
So let's, stick it out, so we never regret it 
I could forgive the past, but I never forget it 

[Chorus x2] 

[Outro: Ghostface Killah][scratched up] 
Got to forgive the past, but I never forget it 
Nasty girl... nasty girl... try to play me 
Nasty girl, you had to be a nasty and try to play me 
Nasty girl... try to play me, try to play me 
Nasty girl, got to forgive the past, but I never forget it...
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