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George Jones - Papa's Wagon - текст песни, видео

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George Jones - Papa's Wagon - текст песни, видео

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Chorus: [D] I can see us now riding [G] in a brand new wagon [D] Happy as king upon his [A] throne [D] Papa wearing overalls and [G] Mama with her bonnet [D] Riding in a brand new [A] wagon going [D] home [D] Today is the first time I've been [A] home in many a [D] years Re-[G] membering how things used to be I [D] can't hold back the [A] tears The [D] house is barely standing and the [G] barn has rotted [D] down And someone planted trees all over [A] Papa's farming [D] ground [D] The weeds had almost hidden papa's [A] wagon standing [D] there I [G] thought how long it's been since gentle [[D] hands touched it with [A] care I [D] remember when he bought it even [G] Mama went a [D] long He walked and led the mules to town and [A] proudly brought it [D] home Chorus: [D] I remember Tammy Jones that [A] lived the next house [D] down [G] She was in the wagon every [D] time we went to [A] town And [D] when I told her of my plans she [G] cried and said you're [D] wrong But I just wouldn't listen so I [A] ran away from [D] home [D] Too young to get a job I robbed a [A] man in Frisco [D] yard [G] The wagon I had rode next was [D] driven by a [A] guard [D] Mom and Pop they kept my secret [G] til their dying [D] day That's why no one could find me when they [A] both had passed a [D] way Chorus:
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