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Genesis - Window - аккорды и текст, видео

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Genesis - Window - аккорды и текст, видео

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Window  	Genesis			chords by Federico :

C			   Em	   	Am
Slowly I stretch out my arms, freely  
C		     Em	Am
Shadows of night disappear
  Dm				     			Em		 G	
                   Rise from the slough of despond find the pathway
    Dm				     		Em		 G	
                   Guiding us forward through pastures of dream day
     Dm				 		Em	   G	
                   Days to enjoy, peace I knew once before me
       Dm			     		    Em	  G	
                   Dawning to dusk on the hills until morning
F	Em		  G
 	Come see me take my hand
F	Em		G
 	Come see me in my land
C		    Em	  Am
Flying invisibly high, watch me
F		    Em	   Am
All on a beautiful sky, I'll be
      Dm			     Em		 G	
		Clear and serene in the love I've discovered
Dm			     Em		 G	
 	Long search is over, the soul is uncovered
               Dm			     Em		 G	
 		Resting on joy that abounds without ceasing
        Dm			     Em		 G	
 		Bidding farewell to the fears now decreasing
      F	Em		  G
 	Come see me take my hand
F	Em		G
 	Come see me in my land
Em		A			 	D
High on a golden crested wave she sits
Em	       A		    D
The little nymphs dance in her hair
Em				    A			     D
The trees all beckon to the sky to bless their empty lives
Em			A	    D
Horizons come to sip wine there
Em				    	  A			D
The veiled mist reveals the wandering ship upon the reef
Em			A	    D
The albatross flies to the stern
Em	       A			      Em		   D
But only Jack Frost saw the kiss you gave him in return
C			         Em	    Am
Crossing the mountains of truth see them
C		       Em	    A m
Soaring majestically high and then
      F			 	Em	     		Am
Stop at the warning light, see it flash brightly
F				Em	   Am
Thunder awakes me, the crashes beside me
F		            Em	        Am
Shatters the scene and bring chaos to beauty
F		       	Em	    Am
Leading us forward where destiny  may be
	      F	Em	          G
 			Come see me take my hand
F	Em	        G
 	Come see me in my land
Добавлено: 22.03.2012
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