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Genesis - One For The Vine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Genesis - One For The Vine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Tony Banks

One For The Vine
One For the Vine

A chord version if you ever want to try to play along on acoustic guitar or sing along

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

You may want to experience with different voicing on some of the more exotic chords,
to see what sounds best for you and what you like better. Song sounds better with mostly barre chords.

Chords notation like this: Dm/A means Dm with A in the bass, Bb/F means Bb with F in the bass, etc ...


Am Dm/A 4x

A7sus4 A7

Dm             F7sus4           Dm             Gm  Gm7/F EbMaj7
Fifty thousand men were sent to do the will of one.
Dm                           F7sus4           Dm                 GbMaj7
His claim was phrased quite simply, though he never voiced it loud,
  Fm7 Ebm7     Db  Gb Bb/F
I am  he,  the chosen one.

   Dm                  F7sus4         Dm                  Gm  Gm7/F EbMaj7
In his name they could slaughter, for his name they could die.
Dm                        F7sus4              Dm                GbMaj7
Though many there were believed in him, still more were sure he lied,
    Fm7     Ebm7      Db  Gb Bb/F
But they'll fight the battle on.

               C              Bb/F
Then one whose faith had died
                 C             Bb/F
Fled back up the mountainside,
               C             Bb/F
But before the top was made,
            Am7               Gm7
A misplaced footfall made him stray
         Gm      F7            DbMaj7
From the path prepared for him.
           Fm        Bbm6
Off of the mountain,
        Dbdim         F
On to a wilderness of ice.

     Dm         F7sus4           Dm                   Gm    Gm7/F EbMaj7
This unexpected vision made them stand and shake with fear,
    Dm              F7sus4               Dm                   GbMaj7
But nothing was his fright compared with those who saw him appear.
   Fm7 Ebm7         Db    Gb   Bb/F
Terror filled their minds with awe.

                C              Bb/F
Simple were the folk who lived
          C            Bb/F
Upon this frozen wave.
                  C                  Bb/F
So not surprising was their thought,
            Am7               Gm7
This is he, gods chosen one,
      Gm      F7            DbMaj7
Who's come to save us from
          Fm        Bbm6
All our oppressors.
            Dbdim         AbMaj7 Fm7 AbMaj7 Fm7
We shall be kings on this world.

Ab         Fm7
Follow me!
I'll play the game you want me,
Gb7                      Ab   Fm7 Ab Fm7
Until I find a way back home.

Ab         Fm7
Follow me!
I give you strength inside you,
Courage to win your battles

B/Eb  Db/Eb Cm/F Cm/F B/Eb  Db/Eb Cm/F 
No,   no,   no,  this can't go    on,
Cm/F B/Eb Db/Eb Cm/F Cm/F         Cm
This will be    all  that I fled  from.
       Cm         G
Let me rest for a while.

G Em6 GMaj7 Em6 GMaj7 A7/G GMaj7 C#m7b5

He walked into a valley,
All alone.
         Cm7         Bbm        Ebadd9        F
There he talked with water, and then with the vine.

[Bridge and synthesizer solo]

Bb F Bb C7 F C7 F
Bb/C Eb/C Bb/C F/C
Bb/C Eb/C Bb/C F/C
Am Dm/A 4x
A 11x
C#7 6x
Fm Fm Db Db Bb Bb C C
C Dm Em Am C Dm Em Am C
Dm Bb F
Fm Db Ab Fm Fm6 C7 Cm6
E 2x
C Dm Em Am C Dm Em Am C
Dm Bb F
Fm Db Ab Fm Fm6 C7 Cm6
E Cm E Cm E


     C#m7        B/F
They leave me no choice
       C#m7          B             C#7/B    F#7
I must lead them to glory or most likely to death.

[2nd synthesizer solo]

B BMaj7 G#m E
B BMaj7 G#m E
B F# C#m
B BMaj7 G#m E
B BMaj7 G#m E
B F# C#m
C D Bb

Am Dm/A 4x
A7sus4 A7

Am   Dm                  F7sus4          Dm         Gm    Gm7/F EbMaj7
They travelled cross the plateau of ice, up to its edge.
Dm                  F7sus4             Dm            GbMaj7
Then they crossed a mountain range and saw the final plain.
      Fm7 Ebm7      Db  Gb Bb/F
Still he  urged the people on.

           C              Bb/F
Then, on a distant slope,
                C              Bb/F
He observed one without hope
                 C              Bb/F
Flee back up the mountainside.
                  Am7               Gm7
He thought he recognised him by his walk,
   Gm      F7            DbMaj7
And by the way he fell,
           Fm        Bbm6
And by the way he
              Dbdim         F
Stood up, and vanished into air.


Bb/F Fm7b5 B/F
Bb Eb 5x
Bb Ab
Bb Fm7 Bb Bbm
Eb G#m E
C#m7 E
C#m7 E
B D#m7 B  EMaj7
B D#m7 B  EMaj7
B D#m7 C#m7

Some of the recommended voicing for some of the chords:

chord     EADGBe
Am        577555
Dm/A      557765
F7sus4    8888xx
Gm        xx5333
Gm7/F     xx3333
EbMaj7    xx1333
GbMaj7    779897
Bb/F      113331
Bbm6      6x566x
Dbdim     xx5656
B/Eb      x6444x
Db/Eb     x6666x
Cm/F      x8888x
Em6       022020
GMaj7     3x443x
C#m7b5    x4545x
Dm/F      x8776x
Ebadd9    x68866
Bb/C      xx533x
Eb/C      xx534x
F/C       xx321x
C#7       x46464
Cm6       x3x243
A7sus4    575755
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