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Gaz Brookfield - Be The Bigger Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gaz Brookfield - Be The Bigger Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Be The Bigger Man
Gaz Brookfield
I saw Gaz first at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. 
Instantly became a huge follower! I urge anyone to listen to him.

Anyway I was searching everywhere for this tab and couldn't find it so I thought 
I'd just tab it myself. 

(This is my first tab btw so be wary it may be slightly wrong.... but it sounds right)

Works best if you scroll at pace 3

Capo 7


(Small muted strums - watch youtube to get strumming pattern)

 | G | Em7 | Cadd9 | D D7 |

Verse 1: 
(Single Strum)
Sorry son you've got to go to school again today
'Cause if you don't get educated you will never find your way
I know it doesn't seem it's worth it at the moment but it's true
               D                             D7
These are the best days of your life my boy, would I lie to you?
(full strumming pattern from here)
So grab your lunch and text books and get your arse out of the door
And I'll drop you at the gates where I've dropped you a thousand times before
Do your best to learn some lessons have some fun and make some friends
            D                                  D7
You've only got a few years left and you will thank me in the end

Chorus 1: 
I know its hard    
But don't cry
               G        D       Cadd9
'cause these things are sent to try
           Cadd9                             D            (Hold D here)      G
I know you find it hard to see but you are always going to be the bigger man

Verse 2:

G cont. into quick muted strum.

(single strum)
  Things is dad you never see what happens when you go
I become the primary target for every bully that I know
You always taught me that the best way to avoid a bullies fist
      D                                      D7
Is to ignore them and they'll move along but that's not true is it

(full strumming pattern)
So I accept my daily beating with a minimum of fuss
And accept that fact that that's just how it goes for kids like us
For the moderately intelligent or slightly overweight
    D                                    D7
The best years of your life might not be all that fucking great

Chorus 2: 
I know its hard    
But I wont cry
               G        D       Cadd9
'cause these things are sent to try
           Cadd9                             D            (Hold D here)      
Although I find it hard to see how I am ever going to be the bigger man


|G D | Cadd9 | 

Em7    D                 Cadd9
I never stood a chance did I...
Em7             D                  Cadd9
The overweight religious kid with four eyes...
Em7             D             Cadd9
Everything that they fed me through...
Em7         D                   Cadd9          
Made me a bigger man that all of you!

| G | Em7 | Cadd9 | D D7 |

Verse 3:

(single strum)
Then one day two decades on I'm drinking in the pub
And the guy who used to kick my arse at school just wonders up
He tries to be all nice to me as if everything had changed
               D (Full strumming pattern)  D7
I grabbed the fucker by the throat and I carefully explained

That a decade of sustained mental and physical abuse 
At the hands of him and all his friends had unsurprisingly produced
A good deal of repressed resentment and the tendency to snap
            D                                   D7
No I don't want to be your friend how could you ever have for that?

Chorus 3:

I thought you were hard    
So don't cry
               G        D       Cadd9
'Cause these things are sent to try
           Cadd9                            D                  
And that fear you're feeling now is no comparison to how 
          Cadd9                          D
You made me feel at school but I wont stoop top being cruel
And I'll walk away in peace
Because I'm always going to be the bigger man

| Cm D7 | G |

- Fin -
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