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Gates Praise - Hope Of Nations - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gates Praise - Hope Of Nations - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hope Of Nations
Gates Praise
Key of Bb using Capo 3

       Em           D
Not by might Not by power
        C              G
But the Spirit Says the Lord
        Em            D
They may come against me 
       C                     G
But my Strength Has become my Song

       Am                   D
By your power You parted the sea
Lift the scales from my eyes
I can see!

   C                G
Oh Yahweh You're so holy
         C                G
You have helped me In my story
   C              G
Oh Yahweh Hope of Nations
         C           G
You've become My salvation

Intro; Em Am G

       D             C
Mighty King Faithful One
        G          D
You are holy God Almighty
In Yahweh
            C                 G
We make our boast You give us victory
Over our enemies

God Bless!
Добавлено: 14.10.2015
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