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Garth Brooks - Its Was Your Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Garth Brooks - Its Was Your Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Was Your Song
Garth Brooks
It's Your Song

Capo I
intro:   G      C       G       C       E7
Standing in the spotlight
On such a perfect night
Cadd9                D                 G 
Knowing that you're out there listening
And I remember one time
When I was so afraid
I didn't think I had the courage
To stand up on this stage
Em                                 C
Then you reached into my heart
             Em7           A
And you found the melody
Cadd9                           G
And if there ever was somebody
                 Cadd9          D
Who made me believe in me
It was you
It was you

          G                   Cadd9    D
It was your song that made me sing
         G                    Cadd9   D
It was your song that gave me wings
          Em               C                      Em7          A
It was your light that shined guiding my heart to find
       G                     D
This place where I belong
          C              G
It was your song

Verse 2:
Every night I pray
Before the music starts to play
           Cadd9             D                   G
That I'll do my best and I won't let you down
And for all the times I've stood here
This feeling feels brand new
       CAdd9                          G
And anytime I doubt myself, I think of you...'Cause

repeat chorus

Cadd9         G
Dreams can come true
Cadd9                               D
with God's great angels like you

Repeat Chorus (**move capo to 4th fret and play in same key (G)

C              G
It was your song
C                             G
It's always been your song
Добавлено: 21.04.2015
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