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Garret Mehok - Two Cats And Glasses - аккорды и текст

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Garret Mehok - Two Cats And Glasses - аккорды и текст

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Two Cats And Glasses
Garret Mehok
Song: Two Cats And Glasses
Artist: Garrett Mehok
Transcribed by: Pat Zinkel

"Two Cats and Glasses" by Garrett Mehok
Written by Garrett Mehok
>From the CD "A Thousand Sunsets"

Note: I think he must tune down a 1/2 step, because this 
song is in Db, but it's easier to play in D

INTRO: (Strummed fast, 4 beats per chord)
   Db    Ebm7   Db   Ebm7

1st Verse:
Db               Ebm7        Db      Ebm7
One year ago...
Db               Ebm7        Db      Ebm7
Staring into my eyes....
Fm7              Ebm7        Gb      Ab    Ab7
Just never sentimental......


B            Gb      Db   (Dbsus)
On the Couch...
B            Gb       Db     
T.V off....
B                      Gb        Ab    (Absus)
Surrounded by artifacts...
A                   B            Db
Wrapped in a cacoon... 

(Then repeat intro and verse and chorus chords
with 2nd verse lyrics.)


E                   D           A
Smoldering skies.....
E                    D          A
Molasses and.......

(Modulate to final Chorus)

C           G             D     etc.

End is a solo over the intro chords, which are 
now:  D and Em7

That's it. My favorite tune off the CD, and easy
to play once you get the rhythm.

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