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Gallant Patsy - From New York To La - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gallant Patsy - From New York To La - аккорды и текст, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы: Gene Williams, Gilles Vigneault

From New York To La
Gallant Patsy
From New York to L.A , performed by Patsy Gallant, around 1976
A.k.a, "Mon Pays", Gilles Vigneault, popular in Quebec, Canada. The
French-Canadian lyrics have nothing in common with the "NY to LA",
though Patsy Gallant sang both.
The music to this great old disco rave do not seem to be available
in any form, for free or for cash, anywhere in the world. The following,
which is my own work, is a good first cut.

As I use  a lot, I wanted to make a contribution.
The tune begins with a piano riff around the following chords:
Then, the intro:
    In my [G]mind, ... [Bm] ... [C].. [D] ..[G].
    In my [A]life, ...  [C#m] ... [D] .. [E] .. [A].
    'cuz I'm [G] ... [Bm] .. [C] .. [B7]
    From [G]NY ...[Bm]... [C].. [D] .. [G]
The next bit is a rave using G and C that is hard to transcribe,
even with lyrics, but fairly easy to play along with.
Then, similar chord changes, but the vocal line is different.
    I'm a [G]star ...[Bm]... [C]... [D]...[G]
    In my [A]life ... [C#m] ... [D] ... [E] ... [A]..
    'cuz I'm [G] ... [Bm] ... [C] ... [B7] ...
(cheezy note: You can give a bit of the original
feel of the tune by playing the B7 as a position 7
bar chord, and hammering from B to C (fret 7 to 8) on the
low E string)
The next part is a change of pace. To get timing right, best to
play along
    [Bb]The city life ... [Dm] ... [Gm] ...
    the booze and drugs ... [Cm] ...,
    everyone's a ... [F]...
    [Bb]But so inviting ...[Dm].... [Cm]...
    by all the sounds ....[Gm]...
    I thought ... [D]..
    [D]But was it really ...?
The song then goes back and forth between the above styles.
I enjoy this fine tune, and would appreciate any comments,
improvements, or sheet music in any form, if you have it available for
Eric Neufeld
For those interested in the discography of the French-Canadian version, see
Добавлено: 13.08.2013
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