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Gaelic Storm - Just Ran Out Of Whiskey - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gaelic Storm - Just Ran Out Of Whiskey - аккорды и текст, видео

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Just Ran Out Of Whiskey
Gaelic Storm
Gaelic Storm - Just Ran Out of Whiskey
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh

Intro: Em

I got a fresh tattoo of a broken heart
You'd think I'd learn by now but I ain't that smart
         D                                             Em
I got a pocket full of nothing, head full of lukewarm beer
        Em               Bm
I just wanted to make myself feel good
 D                  A
Feel like I've been understood
        G                A          D/F#       Em
I was wrong, I've been wrong three times this year

I pushed off from shore in this leaky boat
With my only friend, a bottle of whiskey in my coat
       D                                         Em
I was going to drown my sorrows, discuss my attitude
       Em                  Bm
I lay down on my back, I started to curse
   D                         A
Insulted every planet in the universe
     G                  A                   Em
Hey Jupiter, if you're listening, I didn't mean to be that rude

   Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
   How hard can it be?
   Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
   How hard can it be?
   Let me tell you now,
      G                                 A     D/F#    Em
   I just ran out of whiskey and I'm stranded out at sea

Now as the light begins to fade the sun disappears
I see a siren singing in a sea of tears
    D                                Em
I know it's you, I can tell by your hair
        Em                           Bm
And my pulse begins to quicken as I row through the tide
   D                       A
I want to lay my head down at your side
           G                        A     D/F#       Em
Then you slip into the sea, you're gone, that ain't fair

The sea was as black as a pirate's soul
A black velvet bag, a big dark hole
         D                             Em
Just reflections of the mocking moon above
         Em                  Bm
Then a shooting star shot across the skies
         D              A
It was then I began to realize
         G                  A                  Em
I would give it all away if I could have your love


Now I pulled myself together, had a little chat
With my empty bottle and this little cat
           D                              Em
He'd been hiding, he'd been there for a while
        Em                                 Bm
Well I told him how I missed you, how you made me feel
    D                 A
And even though that cat wasn't real
     G                   A  D/F#  Em
It cheered me up and it made me smile

I stood up in that boat and I laughed till I cried
I danced a little two-step with my pride
         D                                        Em
Then I thought about jumping in again, I was so alone
           Em                              Bm
Well you know I couldn't do it cause I'm standing here
    D                            A
It may have been the liquor, it may have been the fear
   G                    A                 Em
Besides how would that cat have got back home?

(Chorus x 2)
Добавлено: 29.02.2012
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