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Gabriella And Troy - Start Of Something New - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Gabriella And Troy - Start Of Something New - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Start Of Something New
Gabriella And Troy
Tabbed by:jaren dalida
HOmetown: roxas city
Or text me for any comments:09202935372
        hehe sepra ko lang sa guitar.. but i dont know if its the exact note okie... 
just enjoy it.. by the way the strumming depends on you if you want it just listen to the 
okie?!! enjoy...

standard tuning: eBGDAE

verse 1:
   E               A
Living in my own world
 E           A
Didn't understand
 E                 A
That anything can happen
 E                 A
When you take a chance

E                 A
I never believed in
E                 A
What I couldn't see
E                   A
I never opened my heart (oh)
E                     A
To all the possibilities (oh)


I know,

That something has changed

Never felt this way

And right here tonight

This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
                 B     A
To be here with you (oh)
     E                   B
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

VERSE 2: (same as verse 1)
Oh, yeah,
Now who'd of ever thought that
We'd both be here tonight (oh)
Yeah, and the world looks so much brighter (brighter, brighter)
Oh, with you by my side

(repaet refrain and chorus)

  A                          B
I never knew that it could happen
Till it happened to me (whoaaaooh yeah)
  A                 B
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see (Ohh)

(just do the E-B-C#m-B-A)
It's the start of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you (oh)
And now looking in your eyes (looking in your eyes)
I feel in my heart (feel in my heart)
the start of something new.....
Добавлено: 02.06.2012
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