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Gabriel, Peter - Waiting For The Big One - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gabriel, Peter - Waiting For The Big One - аккорды и текст, видео

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Waiting For The Big One
Gabriel, Peter
Waiting For The Big One

Key: C major, Time: 6/8, Tempo: 93


|:C7   |     |Ab7   |    :| (x 2)

|Cm  F/C  Cm7|    |F7/A  Cm7  F7/A|    |
|E7   /F# |/G   /G# |Am  /B  |/C   /A  |

|F7     |/C     |
|D7     |/A     |G      |F/A  Gb/Bb |
|G/B    |       ||

Verse 1: {With piano only, tempo rubato} (0:54-)

|C7   |                |Ab7      |     |
   The wine's all drunk    and so am I
|C7             |                |Ab7      |     |
   Here with the hoi-poloi, don't    ask me why
|Cm      F/C  Cm7 |      |F7         Cm/F   F7 |     |
   We're cele-brat-in' an-ticipatin' end of the year
|E7         |/F#  /G# |Am            |   |
   Everybody come,     everybody here

|F7            |     |
   Well more or less,  
|D7       |/E   /F#    |G    |F/A  Gb/Bb |
   Some al-read-y  in a mess
|G/B              |                    ||
    I guess they're waiting for the big  one.

[Verse 2] {Enters the band, play the intro} (1:44-)

 Wonder why I'm cold. How did I get this far?
 Had no money, had no car
 I pray the snow goes, be bad if it settles
 'Cos I follow my nose and the dried up rose petals

 Like the man says, 
 Sure hope Moses knows his roses
 Or we'll all be waiting for the big one.

Interlude 1: (2:31-)

|C    | (x 4 bars)

|F    |G    |Ab   |Bb   |C    |     ||

|Dm   |Eb   |F    |G    |Ab   |Bb   ||

[Verse 3] (3:03-)

 Once I was the credit to my credit card
 spent what I hadn't got, wasn't hard
 No trust in judgement no trust in money
 Someday I'll find myself like a bee finding honey, oh

 But in the meantime, ah
 I'm gonna have me some fun
 Waiting for the big one.

[Verse 4] (3:50-)

 One too many, where ego I go too
 Looking for the real thing
 It don't come from what I do
 No real communication moves out of my face
 I'm beginning to think, yeah, I'm just out of place, a-ha

 Won't get in too deep, 
 I want to get some sleep
 To be ready for the big one, 

 To be ready for the big one

Interlude 2: (4:43-)

|C    | (x 4 bars)

|F    |G    |Ab   |Bb   |
|C    |     |     |     ||

|Dm   |Eb   |F    |G    |Ab   |Bb   ||

(Intro) (5:20-) {Bluesy guitar solo} 

Coda: (6:07-)

|C    | (x 4 bars)

{Enter female vocals, tempo rubato}
|F    |G    |Ab   |Bb             |
 Ah,   ah,   uh,   waiting for the
|C      |    |    |    ||
 big one________

|Dm   |Eb   |F    |G    |Ab   |
 Ah,   ah,   ah,   ah,   uh,
|Bb              |C      ||
 wainting for the big one___

{Drum solo} 
|     |     |     ||

|Dm   |Eb   |F    |G    |
 Ah,   ah,   ah,   ah,
|Ab   |Bb   |C    |     ||
 Uh,   uh,   uh,______
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