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Gabriel, Peter - Moribund The Burgermeister - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gabriel, Peter - Moribund The Burgermeister - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Peter Gabriel
Авторы текста: Peter Gabriel
Moribund The Burgermeister
Gabriel, Peter
Moribund The Burgermeister

Key: E-flat major, Time: 4/4, Tempo: 78

||N.C./Eb || (X 4 bars)

|Eb7(no 3rd)  Ab/Eb | '/, |Bb7(no 3rd)/Eb  Eb | '/, |

Verse A-1: (0:18-)
|Eb7(no 3rd)           Ab/Eb       |            '/,            |
            Caught the chaos in the market square; I don't know
|Bb7(no 3rd)/Eb     Eb                  |'/,
 what, I don't know why, but something's wrong down there

            |Eb7(no 3rd)   Ab/Eb       |'/,
Their bodies twisting, and turning in a thousand ways
            |Bb7(no 3rd)/Eb    Eb          |'/,
The eyes are rolling round and round into a distant gaze
Ah, look at that  crowd!

Chorus A: (0:43-) 
E                  E/D                 
  Some are jumping up in the air - say 
      |C#m7                              |
"We're drowning in a torrent of blood!"

|Ab/Eb  Eb |Ab    |

|E              E/D                       |
   Others going down on their knees seen a 
|C#m7                          |
 saviour coming out of the mud

|Ab/Eb  Eb |Ab  ||

Verse B: (1:07-)
|Eb7(no 3rd)  Ab/Eb       |'/,
 Oh           Mother! It's eating out my soul,
  |C              F/C        |G/C               C   
De-stroying one a-nother, I'm going to lose con-trol
          |Eb7(no 3rd)     Ab/Eb            |'/,
What can I do to stop this plague, spread by  sight alone
      |Bb7(no 3rd)/Eb     Eb               |'/,
Just a glimpse and then a quiver, then they shiver to the bone
Ah, look at them  go!

Chorus B-1: (1:31-)
E               E/D             
  Bunderschaft, you going daft? 
      |C#m7                         |
Better seal off the castle grounds

|Ab/Eb  Eb |Ab   |

|E                       E/D           
  "This is Moribund, the Burgermeister, 
            |C#m7                  |
I'm going to keep this monster down"

|D                      D/C             
  Somebody sent the sub-versive element 
            |Bm7                   |
I'm going to chase it out of town

|F#m/C#  C# |

Bridge: (2:00-)
|F#  Gdim       |G#m       F#m         ||5/4 C#/E#
     No one will tell what all this is a  -  bout

    N.C./E  /D   /D#  |G#m | N.C./E  /D   /D#  |G#m |
But I       will find  out,  I       will find  out

|   N.C./E  /D   /D#  ||4/4  Ab  |     ||
    I       will find        out

[Verse A-2] (2:30-)

This thing's outrageous, I tell you on the level,
It's really so contagious, must be the work of the devil

You better go now, pick up the pipers, tell them to play
Seems the music keeps them quiet, there is no other way
Ah, close the doors!

[Chorus B-2] (2:55-)

"We've tried potions and waxen dolls, 
but none of use could find any cures," 

Mother please, is it just a disease has them 
breaking all my laws?

Check if you can disconnect the effect, 
and I'll go after the cause

Coda: (3:23-)
|F#  Gdim       |G#m       F#m         ||5/4 C#/E#
     No one will tell what all this is a  -  bout
       N.C./E  /D   /D#  |G#m      ||
   But I       will find  out

||G#m  N.C./E  /D   /D#  |G#m      ||
       I       will find  out
       I       will find  out
  Mother, you  know your  son, I say
  I will... I  will....
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