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Fur Packed Action - Eleanor - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fur Packed Action - Eleanor - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Fur Packed Action
no capo. open chords.   

Fadd9 - 003213
Cadd9 - 030010
G -     320011
G/B   - x 22010    

C F Fadd9 F
C F Fadd9 F

C                           F Fadd9 F
that girl whos looking at you
C                           F Fadd9 F
that girl knows what you're thinkin
C                                           F Fadd9 F
so be aware when you change your hair, she knows why
C                                                      F Fadd9 F
yeah shell protest when you change your dress cuz she knows why

she knows it's for the very doctor
      F                                             C
who seems like more of a way out than he's really offering

C   Cadd9 C   F                C
it's just concern, not an invitation
C   Cadd9 C   F                C
and his kind words are new to you

C G/B Am    G  (0h3 on high e)
el       leanor
C G/B Am   D G  (quiet)

 F(bar)   Am                  F(open) Cadd9 G(open)   C
It's obvious, this house wants you    to stay
                        F                C
It's hurting the children from long ago
                                F     Fadd9 F
before you longed for your love and more
     C                                          F         Fadd9 F
but you won't stand for hold out your hand for this for long
           C                                     F
and if a scrafice is the only choice left than lets get on with it
G                                                 F                C
giving the doctor what he needs so he'll go away.  with you behind.

      Cadd9 C  F
why's that so hard
to his understanding?
      Cadd9 C    F
you've got your car 
parked now at home

C G/B Am    G  (0h3 on high e)
el       leanor
C G/B Am   D G  (quiet)

C(bar 3rd fret) hit 4th fret as needed on d string  
up iron, spiral to the landing
there where the companion when i hanging
then from the shame of letting other
of li'l house move unto the other world
     F   (only hit high strings)                       C
and when there's no room left in hell we'll walk the earth
till our brains are blown out
         C  Am     D7      F(bar)
over the dirtless skyless air
conditioned shopping malls

C G/B Am    G  (0h3 on high e)
for more?
C G/B Am   D G 
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