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Funeral Party - Relics to Ruins - текст песни, видео

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Funeral Party - Relics to Ruins - текст песни, видео

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I watch the orange glow in the sky
In the ashes it became clear 
This place was home for you and I 
Now in ruins our future in fear 
With nothing left it was all burnt to the ground 
I found no comfort in these un-crowded street 
Calling out for your name I can hear the come 
Running faster right behind me 
Things were stripped of life with the smoke in the air 
I felt the cold wind blowing on my face 
Memories of times and the places that were there 
I got to pull you out from under this place 
What do we do here? 

Holding on still breath we're on our way 
Breaking thru the pieces in the way 
Crawling over mountains we can climb 
We'll get out in time 

The trail had lead me back to the places I had been 
The smoke had cleared and opened up the sky 
I saw you buried there to my own disbelief 
And there were tears all in your eyes 
You said now son they can break my heart 
But, they will never tear us apart 

And, we'll live just to get out of this place 
Picking up where we left were on our way 
Don't give up son you know it's time to fight 
And get out all right 

Sing out sing while you can 
And we'll live again 
Fight for what we demand 
Yeah, we're almost there 
Don't give up we can fight 
I know we can 
It's almost over I swear that we'll make it and, 
We made it past, they caught up with us and know we're done
Добавлено: 13.01.2014
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