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Fugazi - Suggestion - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Fugazi - Suggestion - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Fugazi tab for "Suggestion"

Transcribed by Christoph Borst ( sometime in 1994
               Please send me comments, corrections, etc.

README: Over the past couple years I have seen several ASCII tabs for
        Fugazi songs.  Not until recently did I actually dig out the old
        record and realize how far off most were.  So, I played along
        with the songs a couple times to find something that sounds better:
        Think of this as an improvement to the already available tab.

        I don't claim that it's perfect -- I am not a big Fugazi fan and
        this is typed from memory.

Fugazi - Suggestion

Most of the song is based on the following pattern.
  It is sometimes played on the D and G strings (e.g. at first),
  and sometimes on the A and D strings.

beat: 1       &       2       &       3       &       4       &
                      .       .
     pm............                                   pm...........

Example of a variation, played on A and D strings:


You will find this sort of thing happening from time to time:

     ---------------------------      .
     -7---------------7-------5-      7
     -7---------------7-------5-      7 (or whammy bar or sliding stuff,
     -5---------------5-------3-      5  what happens here varies)

And the more aggressive part is:
(ASCII space taken per beat is now half of previous)


have a nice day -:)     
Добавлено: 26.07.2013
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