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Fruit Bats - Dolly - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fruit Bats - Dolly - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fruit Bats
G                                            C
Dolly, you better run - he ain't never gonna leave you
            Em                   C     Bb
Never gonna see what a wreck you are
  G                                                 C
I know that you tried your best but you better slip away dear
You couldn't sabotoge it
                     C     Bb
You couldn't fuck it up
    Am                                      D
But maybe I'll come along if it's cool with you
    Am                                 D
Cuz Dolly you know I'd do anything for you
Am                                D          C
Dolly, Dolly oh babe anything for you
G                                             C         
Dolly, it's best you left - he's always gonna love ya
                  Em                         C          Bb
He's always gonna see past the things you've done
G                                               C
I know he's an easy meal but you know you gotta ramble
You know that its a big world
             C       Bb
Just say its done

Am                                          D
And maybe out on the road you could be with me
Am                                     D
You know that I'd never let you not be free
Am                                    D
Dolly, Dolly oh babe always stay near me
Am                                    D       C
Dolly, Dolly oh babe always stay with me

Same as before:

Dolly you'd better bail, 'cause he's never gonna figure
Never gonna see that you're wrong for him
Dolly you're such a mess he ain't never gonna leave ya
Better come with me love
I'm gonna fix you up

If not then perhaps we'll meet in a week or two
Maybe by then I'll be good enough for you
Dolly, Dolly oh babe good enough for you
Добавлено: 13.08.2013
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