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Frontier Ruckus - Mona And Emmy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frontier Ruckus - Mona And Emmy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mona And Emmy
Frontier Ruckus

G  C  G
G  Em C
G  C  G
Em Amaj  C  G
Em Amaj  C  G

G                                     C              G
Mona's buying milk and honey from the summer bins in Milford Market.

G                                       Em                 
Outside the door at six, the green bulb clicks,


G                              C               G                                   
I work nine to five around the hiss of the ice box compartment,

Em               Amaj              C               G                                      
When I punch out I want to set the night to bitter flames a-lickin'

Em               Amaj                    C               G                    
The town and all the passion strickened down.

C                 G                  D                 Am      
And Emmy's twenty years removed now, from that morning in July,

C                               G          
When her father held her in his arms.

C                       G                     D              Am     
And dipped her freckled neck down' 'neath the river water as flies,

      C           A
Were darkening the brightness

    C             A
And all of the baptismal whiteness

    C                 A
But darlin' all those of our likeness

Were born so very ready to live.

And to die.

I know my way through the neighborhoods

      C              G
From Mona's house to the interstate.

G                                       Em       C
I know my way to the greatest things we got

The travelin' acts they leave their sounds

      C                 G
For railroad tracks in other towns,

E                      Amaj
But I want to hold to something longer

C                 G
Something meaner, something stronger

E           Amaj            C           G
At eleven thirty the town's alone, again.

C                 G            
And Emmy used to say she loved me,

D             Am      
Used to be oh so proud of me,

C                             G
When she saw her father in my eyes.

C                        G                     D           Am     
When I dipped her golden head down 'neath the river water swimmin',

C                       A
The pine shine all was dimmin'

C                       A
The kitchen panes were pitch-dark within

C                       A
And I thought we were only kidding till

                Your father cried.


G                                     C              G
Mona, you're my only friend, we could take the interstate;

G                                   E               C
Though you know the interstate deadends.

Will it lead us to the milk and honey,

        C            G
Is the Promised Land just a funny

E               Amaj              C      G
Way to say the strangeness never ceases?

E                     Amaj          C        G
'Cause Emmy, you have baptized me to pieces.
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