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Frickin A - Last Summer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frickin A - Last Summer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Last Summer
Frickin A
Band: Frickin' A
Song: Last Summer
Tabbed by: Clay Brown

Tuning: down ½ step

        C                   C#m             Eb                    F
E A D G B E     E A D G B E    E A D G B E    E A D G B E
X 4 6 6 X X      X 5 7 7 X X    X 7 9 9 X X     2 4 4 X X X

 Eb   C F C#m 2X

C   F    C#m      Eb 4X
Sneakin' out with you midnight in June
Picked you up couldn't stand to be apart you said you knew
About an old abandoned road were you could park and be alone
We were trying to find ourselves but we lost ourselves at

Same chords as verse

At 17 time to waste feelin' in and out of place
At the beach getting stoned on our way home
Learnin' love and forgettin' pain watching time go down the drain
And disappear that is how we spent last summer


Hangin' out catchin' rays and lemonades by the pool 
And it was us against the world we were redefining cool
But we were scared when you were late leaving everything to fate
'Cause we only kids ourselves expecting someone else



17 no time to waste feelin' like we lost our place
Nowhere to turn wandering what the hell to do
Do we give it up or pull the plug and carry this for years to come and tell no one 
About last summer

Добавлено: 23.07.2012
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