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Frente - Not Given Lightly - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Frente - Not Given Lightly - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Chris Knox
Авторы текста: Chris Knox
Not Given Lightly
Frente! - "Not Given Lightly" (from the EP "Labour Of Love")

I think this is a cover tune, but it is so lovely they could
have written it themselves.  It is very beautiful.

C	 A
Hello my friend

     F		      G
It's morning, time to wake now

C	   A
In body in mind

   F		       G
In twined will have to break now

C		A
But I need your flesh

     F		      G
Your warmth to stay beside me

C	 A	  F
Oh how I wish you could be

Deep inside me

C	     A
Show me your eyes

     F		     G
Your low most tender feelings

C		  A
And I'll give you mine

   F		  G
Be truthful and revealing

And it's you that I love

And it's true that I love

	 F		G
And it's love not given lightly

But I knew that it's love

And it's you that I love

	 F		   G
And it's more than what it might be

E --3----|
B ----3--|

C	    A
When we're alone

  F		G
I cannot always face you

C	 A
Maybe my mood

     F		      G
Will let these arms embrace you

C	 	 A
But that doesn't mean

   F		     G
My love's somewhat diminished

C	    A
Give me the time

   F		     G
To show our love's unfinished

(repeat chorus)

D			F  G
And every word I say is true

C	   A
What can I say

    F		      G
The words destroy all meanings

C	        A
There's only cliche's

   F		   G
To get across this feeling

low E -8\--  B -1-1-1-1---|
             G --0-0-0-0--|

C	  A
This is a love song

    F		     G
For John and Desha's mother

C	   A
This isn't easy

  F		   G
I might not write another

(repeat chorus 2x)
Добавлено: 06.06.2012
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