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Freddy Quinn - Rolling Home -- Version 1 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Freddy Quinn - Rolling Home -- Version 1 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rolling Home -- Version 1
Freddy Quinn
Rolling Home -  Freddy Quinn -- 1962 -- Version 1-- Capo 3

        D                D
Now farewell Australians daughters 
         D                     G
we shall leave your fruit full shores 
         C                    G
we shall soon cross deep blue waters 
           A                      D
to see our homes and friends ones more

         D                   D
We shall sing back songs and Shanty's 
        D                  G
say goodbye to all friends here, 
         G               D
we shall soon trip our anchor 
            A                D
and for old Hamburg we shall steer.

        D             D
Rolling Home, Rolling Home, 
        G               D
Rolling Home across the sea, 
        G                D
Rolling Home to dear old Hamburg, 
        A                 D
Rolling Home dear land to thee... 

G   D    A   D

    D                   D
Westward, Westward ever Westward 
       D             G
to the setting of the sun, 
        G             D
we have steered, ever Westward 
          A          D
since our voyage has begun...

         D                 D
Off cape horn on a winters morning 
        D                G
setting sails in ice and snow, 
          G                  D
you could hear the shellback calling 
       A                D
hoist away, and let her go
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