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Fred Hammond - Its Only The Comforter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fred Hammond - Its Only The Comforter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Only The Comforter
Fred Hammond
D7M   Bbmaj9
Ah,   Ah, 

Dm9               F7M  
Gathered in a crowded room
Trying to figure out 
                Bb6   C
How it would go down  
Dm9                 F7M  
One hundred twenty waited for
That promise that He made
                            Bb6   C
The day He stepped on that cloud 

Bb7M         C             Dm
Suddenly the wind began to blow
              C/E        F      Gm7
Where it came from they did not know
And those outside who heard 
G/B            Bb7M  
Thought it was absurd
Then Peter said

Dm         Bb7M                       F
Don't be dismayed, these are the last days
              C    A7
It's only the Comforter 
Dm          Bb7M                   F
It came from above because of His love
              C   A7/Db
It's only the Comforter
These tongues you hear, there's need to fear
It's only The Comforter
It's the Spirit of the Lord, We all in one accord
Receive the Comforter

In this present day and time
So much on my mind
It's easy to forget
Feeling broken and alone
Often afraid of the unknown
Creates my trauma and my stress

Then something inside begins to shine
Driving my darkness far away
Then suddenly there's peace
As He gently speaks to me
I hear and Him say

Only believe, You will receive
And rest assured He will not leave
His promise is for You
And your sons and daughters too
Please hear me say

Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit
You're welcome here, You're welcome here
Добавлено: 07.08.2015
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