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Frankie Thomas - Starting Over - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frankie Thomas - Starting Over - аккорды и текст, видео

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Starting Over
Frankie Thomas
Great song by Frankie Thomas. You can find his music here:

Standard tuning
Capo on fret 3

For each little strum set, Frankie puts his 4th finger on the top
E string, on the third fret, then takes it back off. Listen to the song
to get a good feel for it.
     C   G   F

C    F    C    F

C    F    C    F     F

  C                                     F
Wake up, get dressed, let's go; there's so much left to do.
             C                        F   
Now I can finally live my life, since I let go of you.
          C                                  F
With you gone, I will search for ways with which to spend my time.
          C                         F
I've got only a year left, then decisions are all mine.

            C                             F
You were a song that was over-sung, you wasted my life,
             C                          F
and I don't have a single bit of space left for your kind.
          C                           F
Call off all misunderstandings, I am done giving up.
           C                                  F
No one's right and no one's wrong, I'm sorry that I cared so much.

        G                                   F           
Please know that I'm alright now, don't you ever worry again.
          G                     F
And I'm sorry I can't love you only as a friend.
      G                         F
Two summers between us, and so many left to go.
            G                              F
But I've learned to live without you, I thought you should know.


          C                               F
So now every day I get better, it gets easier to stand.
         C                             F
You'd be oh-so-surprised to know, that I don't need your hand.
          C                                    F
Just a glimpse of you used to kill me, now I never see your face.
 C                             F
Yeah it took a while, but God damn life's a long race.

          C                           F
And who knows if we all finish or if any of us win,
         C                                 F
because no-one knows the outcome of what happens in the end.
          C                               F
Use your love and hate to guide you, and try to do what's right.
            C                              F
And at the end of all this bullshit, just say that you tried.


      G                                      F
And although I couldn't bring myself to say good luck to your face,
    G                                   F
I swear I'll always love you, despite things being this way.
      G                             F
And aside from all the anger, just know I'll always care.
       G                                     F
And I hope that you find someone that will always treat you fair.

      G                                    F
Sometimes it's hard believing these words came from my mouth.
           G                                     F
I mean, I spent four years loving you, when you only shut me out.
             G                                     F
I know I'm young, but I learned early a lesson we all must come to face.
    G                                    F
Remember you are not alone, although at times it feels that way.

G    F    G    F
Добавлено: 23.12.2015
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