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Frankie Thomas - Bike Ride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frankie Thomas - Bike Ride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bike Ride
Frankie Thomas
Great song by Frankie Thomas. You can find his music here:

Standard tuning
Capo on fret 3

Sometimes Frankie will lift his middle finger and place it back down again.

     C   G   F


Today, I felt warm, the sun held back the storm, and I just rode, 
all over town.
      C                                                   G
No thoughts about gas, just my innocent past and I felt alive
for the first time.

         C                                                       G
And I thought, "Why don't I walk three miles in the dark to see you?"
'cause that's something I never do.
         C                                                                 G
It was those days back then that made me the person I am, and now they're gone.
Those days are long gone.

          G                                                 F                   
And the worst part of all is that nobody calls when they're having a hard time.
        G                                                        F     
We all sit and we stare with friends that don't care and we sink lower.
    G                                                          F            
We try to be strong, but if we just sing along, we'll all feel together.
        G                                                      F                     
And I know that you're scared, but I promise and swear that I'm here for you

Every last one.

       C                                                  G            
It's days like today, that I don't feel afraid and I'm hopeful
this is all for the best.
       C                                                     G
And although things have changed, there's a reason to stay standing
because we've been through so much.

          C                                                G
And it's not what I want, but it'll have to be enough for now
'til a better day finds me.
      C                                                              G   
And when that day comes, I'll know right where I was when I almost gave up,
but I never will.

        G                                                         F      
And I want you to know that I've changed and I've grown and I'm happy.
            G                                                     F     
There are people with lives that we just pass on by and it's not fair.
           G                                                      F
We don't give them the time, and we act like it's fine, but it's not.
                G                                             F
But you're a person to me, and I want you to see that I understand

'cause I'm just like you.

G     F           C     G     F

  C                                                         G
Today, I felt warm, the sun held back the storm and I just rode
all over town.

All over town.
Добавлено: 23.12.2015
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