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Frank Zappa - The Dangerous Kitchen - текст песни, видео

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Frank Zappa - The Dangerous Kitchen - текст песни, видео

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Frank zappa (guitar, vocals, drum machine)

Steve vai (guitar, acoustic guitar)

Ray white (guitar, vocals)

Roy estrada (vocals)

Bob harris (boy soprano)

Ike willis (vocals)

Bobby martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)

Tommy mars (keyboards)

Arthur barrow (keyboards, bass, micro bass, rhythm guitar)

Ed mann (percussion)

Scott thunes (bass)

Chad wackerman (drums)

Vinnie colaiuta (drums)

Craig steward (harmonica)

Dick fegy (mandolin)

Marty krystall (saxophone)

The dangerous kitchen

If it aintt one thing its another

In the middle of the night when you get home

The bread things are all dry n scratchy

The meat thing

Where the cats ate trough the paper

The can things with the sharp little edges

That can cut your fingers when youre not looking

The soft little things on the floor that you step on

They can all be dangerous


The milk can hurt you

(if you put it on your cereal

Before you smell the plastic container)

And the stuff in the strainer

Has a mind of its own

So be very careful

In the dangerous kitchen

When the night time has fallen,

And the roaches are crawlin

In the kitchen of danger

You can feel like a stranger

The bananaes are black

The got flies in the back

And also the chicken

In the dish with the foil

Where the cream is all clabbered

And the salad is frightful

Your return in the evening

Can be less than delightful

You must walk very careful

You must not lean against it

It can get on you clothing

It can follow you in

As you walk to the bedroom

And you take all your clothes off

While youre sleeping

It crawls off

It gets in your bed

It could get on your face then

It could eat your complexion

You could die from the danger

Of the dangerous kitchen

Who the fuck wants to clean it? 

Its disgusting and dirty

The sponge on the drainer

Is stinky and squirty

If you squeeze it when you wipe up

What you get on your hands then

Could un-balance your glands and

Make you blind or whatever

In the dangerous kitchen

At my house tonight
Добавлено: 10.10.2013
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