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Frank Zappa - Prologue - текст песни, видео

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Frank Zappa - Prologue - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier)

Steve vai (guitar)

Ray white (guitar, vocals)

Tommy mars (keyboards)

Chuck wild (piano)

Arthur barrow (bass)

Scott thunes (bass)

Jay anderson (string bass)

Ed mann (percussion)

Chad wackerman (drums)

Ike willis (vocals)

Terry bozzio (vocals)

Dale bozzio (vocals)

Napoleon murphy brock (vocals)

Bob harris (vocals)

Johnny "guitar" watson (vocals)


Once upon a time, musta been round october, few years back, in one o dose top secret lab-motories de gubbnint keep stashed away underneath virginia, an evil prince, occasionly employed as a p

Ime theatrical criticizer set to woikin on a plot fo de systematic genocidical removelance of all unwanted highly-rhythmic individjlls an sissy-boys!

De cocksucker done whiffed up a secret potium... an right long wid it, de atrocious idea dat what he been boilin up down deahhhh jes mights be de final solutium to de white mains boidennn

Yo acquire my drift...

Well, he were sure he had a good thing goin... but, dere was always de possobility dat somethin might fuck up, so, he planned to have a little test, jes to check it all out befo he dumpt it

E wattuh supply.

Shotly denafter, wit high-level gubnint co-robberatium, he arranged to have a good-will visit to san quentim, long wit some country-westin mu- zishnins, n sprinkle a little bit of it on some

E boys in deahhh (since dey done used a few of em befo when dey was messin wit de zyphliss).

So, heah dey come wit de potium, dumpnit all in de mash potatoes!

Den dey wen up to de wardens office fo some hot toddy, watchin a little football while deys waitin to see what gone happen!

Fact o de matter were: nothin happened, so dey went offn dribbled it in a special shipnint of galoot co-log-nuh dat went out bouts november!

Next thing yknow, fagnits be droppin off like flies...long wit a large number of severely-tanned individjlls, pre-zumnably of haychen extrakment!

But not de boys in de rest home! oh no! mixin de shit wit de mash potatoes done smoothed it out a little, sos it wouldnt kill yo ass, but, it sho would make yugly! n ef ywas already ugly

D make yo ass mean n ugly...n ef you was already mean n ugly, itd turn ya into a strange, unknown kreetchuh, never befo seen on broadway!^lthass right! itd turn ya into a mammy nun! hea

E a potato...lips like a duck...big ol hands, puffin up! big ones! science! me-jevl re-lij-mus costumery all over yo body! yow! oh yeah! mmmm-hmmm!
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