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Frank Turner - Something Of Freedom - аккорды и текст, видео

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Frank Turner - Something Of Freedom - аккорды и текст, видео

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Something Of Freedom
Frank Turner
Something of Freedom by Frank Turner

Intro: G

G                                     D
Lord save me from those with my best interests at heart

G                         Cadd9
Lord save me from sleeves emblazoned with hearts

G                    D          Em            D
From fools who place horses in front of their carts

C                               D
Who care less for learning than teaching

Em                    D            C
For they know not of what they are speaking

G                                  D
Yeah, you're marching in matching Che Guevara T shirts

G                              Cadd9
You're so damn conceited, it's starting to hurt

G                   D              Em              D
You were born in to freedom so you don't know it's worth

C                           D
And you constantly speak of solutions

Em           D      C
But you only repeat revolution

G                                  D
When you live with your parents, your ideals come cheap

G                             Cadd9
But what of the families with children to feed?

G                          D           Em             D
For the ones who've scored riches have more than they need

C                             D
While the rest of us think of survival

Em             D            C
Your money can pay for your morals


G Cadd9

G D Em D


G                                        D
You say that for omelettes, you're gonna need to break eggs

G                                    Cadd9
But if you follow your logic, you're soon breaking heads

G             D            Em         D
To patch your polemic, you tear us to shreds

C                             D
You'd steal all our voices for your thunder

Em                 D           C
For your politics, nothing but plunder

G                                        D
And we will not be judged or be put into place

G                          Cadd9
As no more than members of class are of race

G             D            Em              D
We're free individuals and that's what you hate

C                      D
Our society is not a machine

Em                     D           C
You can steer or shut down as you please

G                                   D
And one day you'll struggle to make your ends meet

G                                    Cadd9
And one day you'll struggle to stand on your feet

G                          D           Em              D
And you'll find something true that'll make your heart beat

C                                 D
And you'll sacrfice something of meaning

Em                    D            G
And you'll understand something of freedom
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