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Foxygen - Waitin 4 U - аккорды и текст, видео

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Foxygen - Waitin 4 U - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Jonathan Rado, Sam France

Waitin 4 U
My first tab. Have fun!
Key: E and A(at the end)
A                                    G#m C#m                      
     I've been sitting here all alone          
                   B                    F#m         (F#mG#m)
Trying to feel so tame for you yeah yeah
A                         G#m           C#m                        
    Cause what we found      is not the real thing 
             B         F#m           (E A E A E A E A)
But I'm down...                               yeah

                       B      C#m       E              
Cause you know these kids are all the same, 
             B       C#m    E
There's a messenger in my brain
             B     C#m  E                          F#m B               
And you're driving me insane I'm waitin 4 you then       
               F#m       B
You know it's true baby

              A                           C#m 
Cause I feel rhythm..., wait on the floor, wait on a few lines
Wait a taxi to come by, waiting for the preacher, talk to my teacher
A                                              C#m
Do it all for love, do it for the drugs that's that's my job son, that's my coat on
      B                                                (EAEAEAEA)
It's time the stimulation to the waiting, waiting for you

    A                                    G#m                                  
Oh don't live jungle face transparent be down  
      C#m                            B                 F#m   (F#mG#m)       
the   shovel cause I'm seeing double    but don't do it
A                     G#m         C#m                       
Losing you is such an easy little option mist 
B                                F#m                       (E A E A E A E A)
Watch & crucify multiply the shot  I'm moving by the town       Yeah 

                       B      C#m     E                         
Cause you know these kids are all the same 
                       B C#m  E
Same sound with the memory   when the papers can't came
         B      C#m     E                      
And then tell me I'm insane 
                 F#m B F#m B
For waitin' 4 u babe

Where are those waitin on alone? 
Waiting on the phone, wait for a little try, wait until the close time 
Wait for a preacher while I'm talking to my teacher
Drew another line, I did a bunch of drugs there 
Miss little pixie, been around the 60's
To the bullet on the 6 sheets, cool under your jail 
Yeah what you gonna do? What a girl like you could do?
Yeah, coming through the music, charming as a wizard  
that look into your eyes while playing synthesizer 
I can feel the rhythm I can feel the rhythm 
I can feel the rhythm I can feel the rhythm 
I can feel the rhythm
A             C#m                                               
     I kind of did(dig?) for the girls, beautiful girl, 
I can elegance, whispered in my ears
  whispered in my ears in a junkyard    
C#m                                B                 
   In a junk yard, In a junk yard 

A C#m Bm F#m D E(2x)

A                  C#m            Bm   F#m               D E
Ah I just couldn't bear it I was there where it happened
A        C#m           Bm F#m  D             E           A
I didn't know where to go so I'm still here waiting for you
Добавлено: 05.05.2016
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