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Fountains Of Wayne - Frank Strange - таба, видео

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Fountains Of Wayne - Frank Strange - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
I think this song is called Frank strange but it might just be called
"I love her just the same".  Its a pretty rare song, so bare with me kids.
I had to listen to the words over and over of a live recording and I think
the lyrics are pretty accurate, as are the chords.  send comments to!

G                              C         D    G
his name was frank strange and he rolled into town
G                          C             D
who caught steven looking down his cold barrel
G               C             D                 Em
they declared a truce, and he bought that man a juice
          C                           D
and they wandered off to join support groups


his girl nelly, though she could cut a rug
bustin' the floor boards every evening at the shamrock
said "I propose a toast, I think I love you most"
you're sucking on your cigarettes and leaning on the post and we say...

C      G        C                 G
   hey hey, put dirt against some day
C                 G              D
counting down the hours while we row in nature's stream
       C       G  C                 G
we are,   lovers, bound from mother earth
C                          D            Em
 and it ain't a shame what other people do
          C                D              G
'cause I love her just the same as I used to!


and in the bingo hall the winning number falls
just like a ping-pong ball it bounces off the walls
they won't make a mess, they're senior citizens
'cause they know from faded pictures where the kodak rainbow ends and they sing...


         C                 D
'cause I love her just the same x2
   C                D              G
I love her just the same as I used to!
Добавлено: 19.10.2013
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