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Forever The Sickest Kids - Coffee Break - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Forever The Sickest Kids - Coffee Break - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Coffee Break
Forever The Sickest Kids
I cant believe i'm the first person to put anything useful up for this song. :P
slap a capo on the fifth fret. i watched a video of them performing it. they do 
finger picking. if i have the time, ill post a tab. All chords relative to capo.

  C | Cadd9 |Am | Em |  G  |  G/F | G/E


C     Cadd9     Am     Em     (play 2x)


C     Cadd9     Am     Em     G      Cadd9
C     Cadd9     Am     Em     G      Cadd9 (let ring)

im two cups into my coffee break
sitting alone in the cafe frontway
reading all by myself
turning my cell off just to breathe 
because everyone i know just keeps calling me
and i 

  (no chord)
just need a little time 


C     Em     (alternate between these two chords at the beginning and end 
                  of every line of chorus)

because im overcommiting myself
i guess this is growing up
im sleeping so little these days
i guess this is growing up
im feeling things about to change
i guess this is growing up 
im growing up


C     Em     C

dooooo doo dooo doo dooo doo
ooh oh oh yeah


Cadd9     Em     Am     Cadd9     C     Cadd9     Am     C     
Em     G

and my mom hates my guts
she has a reason to
mith all the things i do
and it breaks me just to know
that i have torn her apart
so many times so many times



C     Cadd9     Am     Em     G

and now im done with my coffee break
turn on my phone 
now that ive grown up

G     G/f     G/e     C (strum once backwards and let ring)

hope you like it! please rate. :)
Добавлено: 16.05.2012
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