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Forest Stream - Legend - текст песни, видео

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Forest Stream - Legend - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Forest Stream
Авторы текста: Forest Stream
All my doubts will vanish this night
With the arrival of the master of the Darkness and the Light
With the mournful wolves howl beneath the shadowy walls
Of the ancient citadel in time of the tolls
And the wanderers ride to be blessed by His Might
From the mouth of the Abyss where things have no names
And all creatures 're created of Dark Blood and Flames
Where the Sky and the Ground are united in one
And the Eternity once has begun

We are rising
The Darkest of Names
Eternal for those who's alive and forbidden for the Wretched Ones
We bring the Revelation of days
For the Souls going not
From nowhere to nowhere

Following the Wind Wizard Omin has reached
The Castle that stands in the Forest Bewitched
By Sonm - the Second Wanderer, He came from the Nord
And now's greeting lord Omin by rising his Sword
And they rode to the East being quicker than a beast
In the eerie mountains under shroud of the Frost
They have met Lord Anth - the Shepherd of Ghosts
And three demon-like wanderers moved to the valley
Where every Dark Soul gives the Oath to Unholy

Oh now and forever our choice is made
We swear by our Hearts and our blood on the Blade
The Land of the Silent Scarlet Dawn
Waits for us to be enthroned

I shall lead you to the Magic Forest
Deep underground in emerald caves
There is no daylight in there
And tunes of a flute
Are in grace with Darkness
There's no time at all...
Добавлено: 31.03.2012
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