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For My Pain - Joutsenlaulu(English)_Swansong - текст песни, видео

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For My Pain - Joutsenlaulu(English)_Swansong - текст песни, видео

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Again you see the children dancing in the yard
under your window playing their games
and again you stay at your place, standing at your place

You fly beneath the years
Those memories overwhelm you day by day
The swansong looks for a singer again, looks for a singer again

Those moments from birth till eternity, are reflected to your eyelids
they  may make others believe in god, other's in satan, or anyhting else between
but not in this world we live in

You once found it
that love worth half of a century
It was easy for you to be happy, for you to be happy

What do you do now with your senses?
when the birds have flown out of their nests
Only yellow photoes remain, that you watch again, and again

You may not need my pity, it may not make the pain go away
That pain writes this song, that pain catches anyone
that pain embraces

I see your mask of pain, you let it breathe for 5 years
The swansong makes you weep then, made you cry

you would like to be like it was that day, when you were dressed in a white gown
It has been left under the feet of time just like you


I would like to try and be left on top of the water
when the river floods over it's boundaries, over it's boundaries
Those women in th supermarkets with their trolleys and the men in their regular bars
probably dream of the fountains of youth, I guess it eases the pain, but whatever

Again a moment closer to death, the pain never subsides
that pain makes this song, catches me
catches anyone,that pain catches anyone
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