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Focused - Forever - таба, видео

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Focused - Forever - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
|Forever (Sacrifice me)                              |
|by:Focused                                          |
|CD:Bow                                              |
|Transcribed by Nicholas Rivera ( |
|Copyright:1993 Thirty Moon River Pub. (Tooth & Nail)|
This is an interpretation of this song. It is by no means an illegal        
reproduction. It is for the use in ones private guitar playing and is 
copyrighted by the above company.

Gotta love the legal people!
Alright let's go

This is the shorter version. I will post the nine minute version found
in Helpless Amongst Friends as soon as possible. I just didn't feel like
writing out that LONG intro :)
        Starts w/ drum on 5th time lead guitar comes in
        A|-2-2-2-----3-2-2-2-3-2-3-|   x6 (x3 with just one guitar)
           E5       F5 E5        F5
        Rhthym guitar comes on on 3rd time
        A|-2-2-2-----3-|  x4
           E5       F5
        If you have one guitar start playing this after 3rd time on lead
        A|-2-2-2-----3-2-2-2-3-2-3-|   x3
           E5       F5 E5        F5
        At this point the Lead is on his (or her) 5th time on Riff 1
        Rhthym goes onto this part. Rhthym and lead should hit last
        F5 together. Don't let the mutes confuse you. These are quick
        straight beats. The notes that are not muted are more accented
        and full. If you have just one guitar then goto this part

          E5                      F5  E5 G5 F5
        Lead quits Riff 1. Rhythm cont.
        Verse 1

        Victory is mine as I recover from my wrongdoings
        Taste my tears, endure the hardship
        That I put myself through
        Tear the grief that I've heaped upon myself
        Sacrifice me forever

        Verse 2

        Fire of love, addicted to the light,
        Unseen the wonders of your hand.
        Like a sword - two sided sharpened edge
        I will cut through the evil that enslaves me.
        I will prevail and learn from my mistakes
        Sacrifice me forever. Forever sacrifice me

        E5 w/ the beat on last one let it hold out through the next 

        Verse 2 w/o rhthym

        E5 w/ beat

        The rest of the rhthym part is the rhythem doing a little
        number with E5 then going F5 G5 First few times with the E5
        make sure to listen because they do a real fast straight beat
        picking on it. Then it switches to on the F5 and G5 and at the 
        end its on all the chords. During the verse 2 w/o rhythem there
        is a lead riff. Haven't figured it out so experiment.
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