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Fly My Pretties - Get Out - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Fly My Pretties - Get Out - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Get Out
Fly My Pretties
Get Out - Fly My Pretties
Written by Adi Dick
Return of Fly My Pretties
Tabbed by: Steven from Dunedin

There seems to be a real lack of good NZ dub-roots-reggae tabs around so here's my 2 
Super song by Adi Dick and co.

(Verse & Chorus are two downstrokes for each chord and Bridge is four.)
Chords used:
      Dm7   Am7      Gm7     Abm7   C     Bb7   A7   C7
e----5------5--------3-------4------3------6---- 5----8------------|
 E---5----- 5--------3-------4------3------6-----5----8------------|

Intro: Verse riff x2
        Dm7               Am7            Gm7            Am7
There's someone who is lost, and is looking for love,
There's someone who is stuck, sending down from above,
There's someone who is free in the cage built for one,
and somewhere there's someone who just wants to be alone.......

Pre-Chorus:     Am7/Abm7/Gm7..............................Am7.....
                                I don't want to be alone.....

Chorus: x2
(only play C & Gm7 once on last line)
   Dm7        Am7       C           Gm7
Help me get out,     I want get out of here,
Help me get out,     of this place.....

There's some people living in a place I know,
They've got the same group of friends they've had since 20 years ago,
and I don't think that's wrong because I've got some too,
everyday there's a whole world waiting to meet me and you...

I don't want to be let down.......

Chorus x2

Bb7                               C7
I've been dreaming of this time since I was 12 years old,
A7                                                Bb7
Fantasies were running wild, but still I find some time to keep up, ohhh,
Bb7                                                C7
Left to find my way with stuff to do and so much things to say,
A7                                                  Bb7
I don't know where I am, soon I hope I'll find my way,
I know I'll find my way.............

Chorus x2

Piano Break: lots of Dm7's

Chorus x2

This a first effort in tabbing so feel free to improve on it.
Добавлено: 10.06.2012
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