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Flogging Molly - The spoken wheel with a wonder and a wild desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Flogging Molly - The spoken wheel with a wonder and a wild desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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The spoken wheel with a wonder and a wild desire
Flogging Molly

ARTIST: Flogging Molly
SONG: The Spoken Wheel/With A Wonder And A wild Desire
ALBUM: Within A Mile Of Home
TABBER...GUY...THING: Jason Iannone

Since these two tunes basically go together to form one song, 
I figured I'd take care of them both.  It's my first attempt 
at transcribing a song, and King's acoustic can be very hard 
to hear among the noise of all the other instruments, so certain 
parts may suck.  But it sounds more or less right when I play 
it, so here we go:

Capo on 2nd Fret


     Am                C
Your passin' broke the silence

        Am     Asus4 Am    C
On that dark October      day

    Am                      C
The sun was headin' for the west

          Am    Asus4 Am   C
As it did I heard you     say

  Am                       Em
I set my sail for a gentle breeze

      Am                         Em
Now I leave this world as it was meant to be

    F            Em        F  C       Am
And you, did you listen to anything I said

F            Em        Am
Did you ever listen to me

(repeat for Verse 2)


Though the face we wear

Sometimes seldom speaks

From the babe that cries

To this grown man's feet

May the hand still write

And its' heart shape keep

         F                              Am
Till our fathers, sons and daughters agree

(pause for accordion solo: let Am ring)

VERSE 3: (slow pick through first verse)

          C         Em        A(9)
So I will pave this road till glory

         C      Em     A(9)
Sets our broken spirit free

           C            Em         A(9)  Em      
From ev'ry cross-soaked nail pours endless rain

     Em                  E
With tears no eye should see

(repeat once more)

(begin strumming as fast as possible)


          C            Em   A(9)
So with a wonder and a wild desire

       C                Em    A(9)
I will crawl from under every weight

       C            Em   A(9)
With a wonder and a wild desire

          Em           A(9)         
Bless the day it was I shared your name

      Em                      A(9)
Yesterday forever speaks your grave

(stop for one beat)

(repeat Verse 3 twice, strumming hard and fast)


(repeat Verse 3)


     Em                       A(9)
Only time will tell when this rain of hell, 

      C      Em    A(9)
shall wither in defeat

      Em                   A(9)
Separate the bread they forgot to share

         C          Em      A(9)
till the milk still left to feed

            Em              A(9)
Though this body aches then disappeared 

  C      Em          A(9)
into the ground, our seeds

         C                F       Am
He said, I'd, I'd always comfort thee

FIDDLE SOLO: Play this over the fiddle:


Strike E several times

(repeat verse 3)

(chorus twice, end song)

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