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Flip - Ain't Nothin' Nice - текст песни, видео

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Flip - Ain't Nothin' Nice - текст песни, видео

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Nigga get yo hand outta my pocket nigga. Get yo hand outta my pocket.

It ain't nothin' nice (x8)

Ras Kass:
Son I'm skimming through the Billboard Top R&B album
Wondering what my outcome
Want the black triangle but I'm real with or without one
Cuase I'm a still sport wrinkled Armani jeans 
Smokin' beedies to the pink string
On the microphone I'm like the moody Mic Corleone
With 36 zones 
Big homies told me to be the man understand 
If niggas is playin' hardball then why the fuck you throwin' underhand?
See only the small mind is small time
That's the reason why that busta is still sellin' nicle sacks of ganja
You two bit hustla I'm the wrong brother like Clockers
Wouldn't give you five cents to put cheese on a whopper
So see a niga dea a mere niga rea
Bea I'm rollin' iwth the Crowbar clea
Still wearin' my bathing suit like I was asshole naked
I fake it till you make it 
I'll take it nigga


While most kids in school goin' through that whole child
Your pushin' rock on the block cause the spot we have found (Flip)
I make my doe 
And I make sure I kept my game on tight 
Layin' low in the day and serve that yay by moonlight
They outta sight when the roll by 
I'm still in they Chuchs servin' clucks as they stroll by
Low key the smokeys know my name
Ain't no slippin' when they trippin'
Cuase I done peep game
Now I have clout and they raided ran me out
I sold my last ounce then I bounce to my baby mamas house
Time to bail couldn't spend no time in jail
Had to be out on them streets hurry up and make my sale
But now it's on cause I'm grown and I'm still a G
But it's cause I sell my crack ? in this industry
Remember me when you hustle runnin' right
Do or die other side Flip for life 

It ain't nothin' nice
It ain't nothin' nice
It ain't nothin' nice my nigga
It ain't nothin' nice sister
It ain't nothin' nice
It ain't nothin' nice
It ain't nothin' nice 
Get my hustle on
My nigga word is bond

Ras Kass:
Now it's either give me the money give me the power
Or give me four twenty five an hour
What the fuck you think I'm gonna do?
To be honest wtih you I wanna get mine
Cause I know niggas that's college graduates that's broke askin' for dimes
And nickle sacks
Nigga give me back I'll give you some
You wash my back I wash yours
I do rap tours while niggas be lookin' for the rapture
I don't understand cause niggas gotta capture
Your own and keep your eyes on the prize
Cause Clinton is pimpin' 
Nigga you might as well be tempin'
You wanna be eatin' jumbo shrimp and lobster?
I want two hundred thousand in the bank you wanna be the imposter mobster
Recognize like Sam Sneed
I got unborn twins to feed
So make the next man bleed
I just might cause ain't nothin' right in my life
God hlep me it ain't nothin' nice

Hook (x4)

From L.A. to N.Y., A.T.L. and back it ain't nothin' nice. To all my niggas 
and my bitches throw your motherfuckin' hands in the air. And keep 'em there. 
It's a stick up. (It's a stick up nigga.)

Hook (x4)
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