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Fleetwood Mac - Planets Of The Universe - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Fleetwood Mac - Planets Of The Universe - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Planets Of The Universe
Fleetwood Mac
This is a chords layout for the song Planets of The Universe included in the extended edition of the 1977
album Rumours. You will find two versions of this song in the 5 CD edition, these are the chords for the one
included in the 5th CD. There is another version by Stevie Nicks, with added lyrics and a different 
arrangement. If you are playing this song on guitar you can arpeggiate the chords for a nice sound (try
listening and playing along with the record so you get an idea for a suitable fingerpicking style).

F G Am Am7

F                      G        Am          Am7
And the planets of the universe Go their way
F                     G
Not astounded by the sun or the moon
Am          Am7
Or by the day
F                     G
You and I will simply disappear
Am          Am7
Out of sight
F                    G
Ooh, but I'm afraid soon there'll be
Am       Am7
No light

F                   G          Am          Am7
I will never love again the way I loved you
F                      G          Am          Am7
You will never rule again the way you've ruled
F                      G          Am          Am7
We will never change again the way we are changing
     F                G          Am          Am7
Ooh you'll forget the chill of love, but not the strain
     F                G                Am
Ooh you forget the chill of love, but not the strain

[Section 2]
Am G     F                   G    Am
You will remember but I will die slowly
Am7           F            G                  Am
It's only an overture to something that was best
         Am7     F         G
But don't, don't condescend to me
Am               Am7               F                    G
Take your leave, take your leave, take your leave of me now
Am           Am7
Disappear through the air
F                  G            F
I wish you gone and I don't care

F   G  Am
Now I know
Am7         F        G          Am
Ooh, I was wrong to live for a dream
Am7   F      G            Am
If I had my life to live over
Am7           F  G    Am
I would never dream, no
Am7      F     G      Am    Am7
I would never dream, Oooh

F  G  Am  Am7
repeats over the guitar fills to fade.
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