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Five Iron Frenzy - The Greatest Story Ever Told - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Five Iron Frenzy - The Greatest Story Ever Told - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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The Greatest Story Ever Told
Five Iron Frenzy
These chords are from

Intro: E-D-C#-C
       B-D-C#-E    2X

Verse: (ska chords)*
E                              B
   "How's your life?" "How are things?"

"great they're going okay!"
E                          B
 Something stale and superficial, not to ruin your day.
E                          B
Something swell, something gay, with the toothiest smile,
E                             B
something sappy, something happy, something smells like
 D                   B                    E              B
 bile. I don't want to burst your bubble, not to rain on your
          D                  B           E
parade,   underneath my skin I'm tired, limping down the
path I've made.

    B    C# D       E
The clap of thunder in my veins,
B      C# D      E
breaks on barren manifold,
B     C#  D         E
still and small and so mundane,
B                 E
the greatest story ever ...

E          E             B
told  The greatest story ever

E                 B               E                B
 Are you crawling through dismal? Gray of nothing, frostbite
        D                    B                 E
kills.  Does this world make light of weaving, shrouds to
       B               D           B               E
bury , graves to fill? I am just a kindred spirit, a runner
who is running still.

Prechorus:(Octaves-Power chords)
B  C#   D      E
Welcome to the longest mile,
         B   C#   D          E
the most costly thing you'll ever hold
B  C#  D   E
wonderful is the journey,
B                  E
the greatest story ever...

Bridge:(palm mute powercords progressively getting louder)
E         B          E       B
   All my dreams are slowly dying.
E     B        E        B
I can count my years in scars.
E        B          E     B
The only one that's never left me,
E           B     E    B
has carried me so very far.
E             B         E         B
I've heard it said that He wastes nothiing,
E       B    E    B
so beautiful to behold,
E      B         E       B
the Author of my hope is writing,
E        B         E
the greatest story ever...


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-Romans 10:9-10;13
Добавлено: 21.04.2015
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