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Five Iron Frenzy - Omnivores For Mediocrity - текст песни, видео

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Five Iron Frenzy - Omnivores For Mediocrity - текст песни, видео

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Keith is a vegetarian./ Not vegan 'cause he drinks his dairy and./ He's not like me who also eats meat./ He protests the war with the sandals on his feet./ Omnivores for mediocrity! (several times)/ Helpless vegetables are trapped,/ for killing only them you should be slapped./ At least a cow can run and be free./ Omnivores for mediocrity.

a note from Reese: Keith used to only eat 4 things - meat, bread, cheese, and candy.  Then I made him go to this chinese restaurant with me and he started eating vegetables. Now, he's gone way overboard and WON'T eat meat at all, and he goes to all these war protests. And he burns incense and wears a mumu. OKay, maybe it's just a dress.

a note from Keith: Hey, I look good in that dress.
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