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Five Iron Frenzy - Old West - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Five Iron Frenzy - Old West - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Old West
Five Iron Frenzy
		   The Old West
Five Iron Frenzy
Upbeats & Beatdowns
Copyright 1996 Five Minute Walk Music
Tabbed by: David Kruger (
E  Ab  A  Ab
E  Ab  B  Ab
E  Ab  A  Ab
F# A   B  Ab     (Whole thing x3)

E                   A       E             B
Some cowboys were a ridin', ridin' on the range. 
E                 A                F#                B
The grass was overgrazed there and spotted like some mange.
E                A               E                   B
The buffalo were dead there, the trees they all were through, 
E                    A           F#                   B
And if they saw some Injuns, why they would kill them too.

Channel:(w/distortion) F#  A   F#  B

Chorus:(same as intro)
E             Ab A              Ab   E                Ab   B       Ab
West or bust, in God we trust, "Lets rape, lets kill, lets steal!"
E        Ab   A     Ab F#       A  B    Ab   
We can almost justify, anything we feel. 
E               Ab   A       Ab       E          Ab  B   Ab
I'm climbing up that ladder, more brownie points for me. 
E                Ab A   Ab F#            A   B    Ab  
I'll work my way to Jesus, just you wait and see.

Bridge: C#m  E  F#  A   (3x)
        C#m  E  B       (1x)

Said one cowboy to another, "I think it would be nice, 
If we could take these Injuns and convert them all to Christ. 
See, they are all disgusting, and bringing me great pain, 
And if they don't believe me, we'll put a bullet in their brains!"

I am always shouting, when I go outside,
How people should repent now, or they're going to die.
My motives are all selfish, I'm a cannon brimmed with powder.
If people don't believe me, I just beat them and yell louder.

.. And here's the order:
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

End on E
Добавлено: 14.06.2013
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