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Fishbone - In The Cube - текст песни, видео

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Fishbone - In The Cube - текст песни, видео

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Well let me pull myself up and out

Of this toilet that Im in

Its liberating for a little while

But living in shit with shit

And bein all about shit aint my style

So up to the front I go

Past the ass rim where the sun and the snow

Melt into a river of sprinkly clear water

Chant :

Deep in the toilet

Doo deep doo

Im in the cube, in the cube

Deep in the toilet

Deep doo doo

Im in the cube, in the cube

Numb to the cold that Im swimmin in

I imagine a world without sin

Where theres mutual respect for every soul

With no question

And no testin of no ones wits or individuality


Chorus :

Im in the cube and Im deep in the toilet

Way down deep where no good scent can spoil it

Where I can get respect from all the shit around me

As far a what comes down from above me

Im in the cube and Im deep in the toilet

Way down deep where no good scent can spoil it

It eventually turns into a degree of a flea

Down here I see the future of life to be

Its too crowded up here

Everybodys greedy and they just wont calm down

Their intentions are good

But they always get drowned by the ego overthrown

And the know-it-all hard-heads

That insist on running the show

The devil, the dookey that threatens my friends and me

(chant x2)

Some get so caught up within the whirlpool of bad

That while trying to reach the good they still end up bein sad

From trying to rush into helping gods plan

(chant & chorus)

Back down I go to the toilet bowl roll

Where no one is and are afraid to go.

I can find peace and tranquility

Amongst the peanuts and shit

The smell is only a bluff

Just to make me leave

From in the cube

This fuckin cube

In the cube where the the toilet

Where no good scent can spoil it

Lets be real with ourselves (x2)

From the dirt we came

And from the dirt we shall return

This is a lesson in life

We should all learn


Cuzz no matter how much you stack it up high

It always goes down to the dirt where the shit fertilizes

Some dont realize we come from this dirt shit

The mineral pit

God made the devil

But the devil makes us weak sometimes

So are we fighting against a part of god

Or is a part of gods creation lying ? 

Let some woman or man

Deem himself special

Cuzz when your label is gone your road is long

Back to the minerals and vitamins where you belong

Добавлено: 14.02.2014
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