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Firewater - So Long, Superman - текст песни, видео

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Firewater - So Long, Superman - текст песни, видео

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So long Superman 

Got a suggestion for ya 

Check for kryptonite before ya 

Try to break a horse 

Hey, ho, here we go now 

Pulling onto the freeway 

Just like any other weekday 

Except there's no remorse 

Cause I'm gone 

And now nothing seems to matter 

Traded in my silver platter 

For an empty plastic tray 

There was nothing left worth waiting for 

The kids burned down the candy store 

And I'm waiting for a train 


So long, Superman 

I'll light a candle for ya 

Say a prayer when California 

Falls into the sea 

L.A. I never know ya 

Goodbye, good riddance to ya 

Go to hell and hallelujah 

You never meant much to me 


I don't care 

Where the track leads I will follow 

I left like Lou Ferrigno 

Tearing at the seams 

I couldn't take that town to more 

A whole world I ain't seen before 

So I gave up the gravy 

For sweet obscurity 


So long, Superman 

I'm taking a vacation 

I'll miss your medication 

It helped to ease the pain 

I'll see you back in Reno 

Outside the Grand Casino 

In your old El Camino 

Singing in the rain 


No plans 

I go where the machine goes 

The past is a placebo 

Dissolving in a drain 

I sleep beside the railroad tracks 

No more rent ot income tax 

I've got no fixed address now 

I'm waiting for the train
Добавлено: 25.07.2012
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