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Firelake - Dirge For The Planet - текст песни, таба, видео

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Firelake - Dirge For The Planet - текст песни, таба, видео

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Авторы текста: Oleg Yavorsky
The intro for the song Dirge for the Planet by Firelake. Featured in the PC game 
Shadow of Chernobyl. A great song, one of my favorites.
I'm still working on the rest of the song, this is just what I have so far. You will 
in the recording that there
are some faint slides
in the intro, but you will have to figure those out on your own :) By Nick Prete.

Note: This is the exact way that FL plays it live, and, I believe, on the recorded 


And repeat a few times.
Picking Tip: For the low notes on the E and A strings, use your thumb. I just use my 
finger for everything D string and below.

Thanks, please rate.
Добавлено: 09.07.2012
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