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Field Report - Decision Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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Field Report - Decision Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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Decision Day
Field Report

Artist: Field Report
Song: Decision Day
Album: Marigolden

Tab: Verbal Kint (for UG)
Lyrics & feedback: Don Czarski

Tuning: Standard

A      (x|0|2|2|2|0)
D      (x|x|0|2|3|2)
G      (3|2|0|0|3|3)

Fill Riff #1


Fill Riff #2



Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: Fill Riff #1
(out of D, keep holding the two top strings while playing and let it all blend)

        D                             A
Now the morning was gilded around the edges

G                        D
  With the shavings from bone

          D                                   A
They were pressed in and glued in against the corner

G                      D
  And carved just like soapstone

           G          A
And it was gloriously grey

    G                    A
The sun was radiant underlay

D                                  A
Fighting, fading, winning, waining

               G                  D
Purring behind milk and cloud and snow


        D                             A
Now the blinds are up a foot from the bottom

               G                            D
I can make out outlines of ankles, legs and asses


        D                           A
Until a fresh set sends blood to my ears

        G                             D
And the memories flood the levy of my boredom

        G                             A
And the finest sinewy strand has been cut clean trough
           G                  A
There is a pop, a crack and a thud

    D                 A
And you were free and i am free

          G                            D
Now let's extricate ourselves from the mud


    D              A
You practised your name 

G                  D
  In the margin of pages

     D                A
Of a hundred thousand rough drafts

G                                    D
  I heard they roughed you up pretty bad

          G                          A
You gotta climb up the mountain top, scream out loud

          G                         A
Chip your teeth on a bottle top and do me proud

       D                    A
When i held your hand in my blood free hands

                      G                D
I swear they were the cleanest ones in town

G                  A
Take your time and let the tide

G        A      D
Pull you out to sea

G                  A
Take your time and let the tide

G         A        D
Pull you away from me
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