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Fairport Convention - Bring 'em Down - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fairport Convention - Bring 'em Down - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bring 'em Down
Fairport Convention
Bring 'em down
Fairport Convention
From 'Nine'
(One more typical, darkish Trevor Lucas song)

Intro: D, A, G, A, D,
 A                   G                                 D
Time stood dark and silent and the stars they gave no light
                       A                             D
I was wandering in an endless dream, haunted by the night
                    A                         D
I saw four ghostly riders, their horses in a line
                   A                                D    G
Each in turn did point at me and said a mournful rhyme

We are the sculptors of the land, the rulers of the sea
We are the falcons of your sins, gardeners of the trees
The air above you is burning and the sea below does drown
And the legacy you'll leave your spawn will surely bring 'em down

G          A                                                   D
Bring 'em down, bring 'em down, bring 'em down, bring 'em down
                 G         A               D
Bring 'em down. bring 'em down            , 

Curse upon you men of war, with gun or pen in hand
The power sought or won or bought, the castles made of sand
You always have good reason to take more than you need
Your hearts are full of hatred and your minds are full of greed


Instrumental break, (extensive ad liberum on D, 
ending on several D, A, G, A; D, A, G, A, etc.
until a few measures on G lead to D, introducing A and
thus flowing into the last verse......Or whatever; just listen to the record) 

What is deeper than the ocean, colder than the grave
And stronger than your armies all, and braver than the brave
Those who know and all they know will sow on fertile ground
Those who don't and never will are those who will go down

Добавлено: 07.09.2013
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